The Story Of Jon Max – The 3D Artist (Week 1)

The Story Of Jon Max – The 3D Artist (Week 1)

My name is Jon Max. I am a 3D Model Artist.  I have decided to document my life. One week at a time and share it with you. It is reality TV but on a blog. You will get the truth, no sugar coating of events instead raw and unedited. It’s my life baby!

Week 1.

On Monday night, I met with Sally J on a blind date. My friend Tommy M. Parker hooked me up with her.  We met at a Japanese restaurant at the mall in Culver City, Los Angeles. Now, I don’t eat sea food because I am allergic to it but Sally J said that she loved sea food when we spoke on the phone so I figured it would be great to take her there as I had heard that they had one of the best sushi in the Los Angeles area. So, we met there at 8pm for dinner. Now she was a bit too tall for my liking. But then I figured that having a girl with long legs wrapped behind my back might be exciting and a nice change from my last girlfriend Molly who was only 5ft 2 inches tall. However, she kind of gulped down her sushi rather quickly with so much joy and then started breathing heavy that it felt kinda weird and unlady like.

We had a great flirtatious conversation and after a couple of drinks we were kinda in the zone when she suddenly leaned forward and said she wanted to tell me something. I said Ok, what baby? and leaned forward too thinking perhaps it was time to go in for the kiss.

However, Sally J suddenly cleared her throat and ask me if could I keep a secret. She said that she really liked me and felt it was important to share this secret with me. I initially felt special then a little tense as I typically don’t like secrets but then in my mind I said what could be so secretive with Sally J. Perhaps, it was the alcohol working overtime…

She then spoke in a some what deeper voice. Saying that her official name was John but in her a heart she felt like Sally. I said to her what do you mean? My body temperature started to rise and I suddenly felt hot and loosened the top most button of my shirt. Sally J then smiled at me and said that I was really sexy but that she was really a man by birth but  just trapped in a woman’s body. She really liked me and wanted us to be lovers.

Initially, I thought she was messing with me but then I looked at her throat and suddenly spotted an Adam’s apple the size of a golf ball.

That was how my week began.

On Tuesday, while I was recanting my experience to my buddies, Andrew and Jerry. They had such a good laugh at my misfortune the night before that I felt sad. Andrew used a lot of derogatory words when he asked me to describe again the he-bitch Sally J after I had recanted my escapade from the night before.  I felt that he was a gay basher after he called her a Fuc**** fag.

Anyhow, I got fed up with them and decided to move on. After all I had an appointment at 3pm with Dr Edwin Voigt a supposedly big time Beverly Hills podiatrist which, I felt would be a great opportunity for my pocket book. I met with Dr. Voigt at his clinic. He got down to business immediately as he said he did not have a lot of time to chit chat as he had a patient scheduled to arrive in 15 minutes. He wanted me to create a 3d model of a human penis. He showed me pictures of a few deformed penises and said he wanted me to create a few of them and then render out a high res image for him. When I asked him what he wanted to use them for he frowned at me and barked out loudly, saying that I was a hired help, hired to do a 3d modeling job and so I should not be asking such questions.

He then said that he would pay me whatever my rate was but he needed it done in a week or no deal. Now, I needed the money badly as my rent was due in a few weeks and I had no idea how I was going to pay it. I had spent $120 the night before with Sally J or rather John and so I agreed to model all 5 deformed penises for him in a week.

The rest of the week was spent with me hunkered down modeling away those penises. At the end of the week, I called Dr Edwin Voigt to setup a time to pick up my pay check and deliver to him the 3d models only to find out that Dr. Voigt had been arrested a day before for child pornography found on his computer.  I stood there in shock realizing that I had just wasted my whole week. No pay, no new girl, no nothing, just another ole bastard week. Yes, I said it, it was a bastard week.

Later that day Dr Voigt‘s secretary called me saying that she had a check made out to me and if I wanted to stop by to pick it up or she could mail it to me. I said that I would get back to her as I was not sure what to do.

Do I take my check payment for the 3d modeling job I did for a suspected pedophile? even though I can’t deliver the finished job to him since he is in jail or do I refuse to accept payment because of who he his?  I’m still trying to decide what to do.