Teaching 3D Modeling To High School Students (Week 7)

Teaching 3D Modeling To High School Students (Week 7)

On Monday evening about 6.35pm, I met with my friends for happy hour at this trending restaurant where their Monday night special is half off any bottle of wine until 7pm. So we order a few bottles of wine quickly before the happy hour was over.

My buddy Tim, came over with this guy friend of his who is the principal at the local high school in the area.  He introduced himself to us as Matt Brown and immediately started talking about issues with our educational system including the recent budget cuts.  So I said to him that the problem with our educational system is that we are teaching students antiquated stuff. Pretty much stuff that is not practicable or even useful to them in earning a living.  As you can imagine this got him really fired up and after a few more glasses of wine we were practically yelling at each other in a heated wine induced argument.

I mentioned to him that if we taught our high school students skills like 3d modeling instead of say fine arts they would at least be able to earn a decent living right out of high school instead of being basically unemployable.  So he invited me to his high school to come by and talk with some of his high school students the very next day to see what they would think about my idea.

I arrived the next day with my girl friend Katrina Jones determined to convince the students on the benefits of learning how to model and potentially introducing 3d modeling into their school. Perhaps, I might even sign up a few of them for a private paid lesson.  So, I met with Matt the principal who I must say looked very stern and proper considering that he was like a mad man the previous night when he drank away and argued endlessly.  He introduced me to his assistant Mary a nice looking warm and fussy type lady in her mid 40s. She immediately reached out and hugged me.  But when I tried to hug her back I noticed that I could barely get my arms all the way around her back.

She then proceeded to give me the inside scoop on some of the high school students that I was about to give my presentation to. She said I had nothing to worry about except for the following 3 students. Tommy T. – he was the class clown and notorious at disrupting the class with silly jokes and innuendos. Then there was Megan a blonde girl whose father was a major donor to the school and very wealthy. She was always freaking out and saying “oh my god” whenever anything happened. Finally, there was Batome a somewhat partially deft dude who spoke too loudly whenever he wanted to ask a question.

As I began my presentation on why they should learn a skill like 3d modeling, Tommy T. interrupted by saying “Dude your pants are from the 90s” I told him that my pants where of the Dockers khaki brand which are actually quite fashionable. He busted out laughing saying that his grandpa use to wear dockers. These days, folks wore more hip brands like Sean John, Bonobos, etc.  Seeing that there was no way to win this fashion argument with a teenager, I decided to steer the conversation back to the subject matter. But not before withstanding a barrage of Megan’s “oh my god” statements.

I told the students that instead of them wasting time taking fine arts classes where they could only really make any money from their paintings when you are dead. They should consider 3d modeling. 3D modeling was something you did on a computer – new school as oppose to an easel – old school.

I showed them samples of 3d models I had created and explained to them how easy it was to create one.  Suddenly, I heard what sounded like a scream. It was from Bathome. Apparently, he always began talking by letting out a shrilling type sound. Stamering, he told me that his Mum was a fine artist and that she was very special to him and I had upset him by talking badly about fine artists.

Before I could respond, I received another barrage of “Oh my god!” statements from Megan with Tommy T. laughing out crazily about how lame my presentation was going so far.  Just then my girl friend Katrina Jones popped her head through the door to let me know she would wait for me by the coffee shop across from the school.  When the teenager boys saw her they started making cat calls and whistling. So trust Katrina to take advantage of the attention she was getting. She stepped into the class and said “which of you naughty boys are whistling at me.”  All the boys raised their hands saying “Me! Me!” including Bathome who let out another screech before he could utter the word “Me!”

As I left the class, I told the students to seriously consider atleast trying out 3d modeling and left forms with them to complete to indicate their interest.  Two days later, I met again with the principal guy and he read to me with a smirk on his face the comments his students had left in evaluation of my presentation.

Tommy T.  had said “Jon Max is a lame dude that has no sense of swagger, his babe though is really hot, not sure what she is doing with a guy like him” Megan – “oh my god! oh my god! he was so scary as he said we would all die if we continued to take fine arts classes” Bathome – “Jon has poor communication skills, but very nice girlfriend, I’ll sign up for modeling class only if it is taught by Katrina.”

The principal guy then said he would meet up with the guys next Monday at the happy hour joint to share these “wonderful” reviews with the rest of the guys. “Son of a bitch”, I muttered to myself as I left his office. I guess I would not be teaching 3d modeling to any dumb high school students after all.

About Me: My name is Jon Max. I am a 3D Model Artist.  I have decided to document my life. One week at a time and share it with you. It is reality TV but on a blog. You will get the truth, no sugar coating of events instead raw and unedited. It’s my life baby!