Teaching My Mum 3D Modeling (Week 9)

Teaching My Mum 3D Modeling (Week 9)

I have not spoken to my Mum for the last couple of months due to the wig incident at Aunty P’s funeral. However, I heard from family members that my Mum was saying that I had abandoned her and was not returning her calls anymore.  Now, I don’t recall receiving any call or voice messages from her at all but I guess it’s her way of wanting me to call her. So I did and she invited me to dinner with my girlfriend Katrina over the holiday weekend.

We arrived for dinner an hour late as I kept trying to get Katrina to change her outfit from something too sexy to something more conservative. When we arrived, my Mum acted as if everything was just fine even though we had not spoken for quite a while. We had dinner, and to my dismay and Katrina’s delight she showed Katrina compromising baby pictures of me.

After that we got down to talking about my job or rather lack of one. I explained to her what had happened to me last week when I got fired from my last 3d modeling job with Madame Cunegonde. She had fired me for no just reason and done it very nastily by voicemail. So I filed a complaint with the unemployment agency and notified Madame Cunegonde about my actions. She then agreed to arbitration to resolve the matter. So we met at her HR office and both stated our cases to Linda who was acting as the arbitrator.

You can trust Madame Cunegonde to twist the story around and become extremely upset and erratic. She cursed me out again in French when things were not going her way.

But at the end of the day, we agreed that it was better if we both went our separate ways instead of her rehiring me for the job. She agreed to compensate me by paying me one month’s salary for the 3 days I was employed. In exchange, I agreed to drop my complaint with the California state unemployment agency.

My Mum mentioned that she had recently attended a women empowerment seminar where she learnt that you are “never too old to start over in life” or take up a new career and so she was trying to decide on what “new career” to start in her old age. Basically, she was tired of retirement and wanted to try out a new career.  So I jokingly suggested 3d modeling. I explained to her that she might be good at it since she was good at painting and sculpting which had been her hobby for so many years while we where growing up.

To my amazement, she agreed to give it a try if I was willing to teach her. I must say I was at first stunned that she was interested. I mean she had always made fun of me about not having a “real job” and fooling around with “computer pictures” (that what she called the 3d models) and now she was asking me to teach her 3d modeling?

So I agreed to teach her and immediately installed Blender on her prehistoric computer to get her started. I already had a great 3d modeling course that I was going to use to teach the high school students from a few weeks back and felt it would suffice for my Mum. The next couple of days I stopped by her place to go over the training with her. I must confess that she was a quick learner for her age and was making significant progress.

I even started trying to convince my girlfriend Katrina to learn 3d modeling too. However, on the third day, I arrived early and walked into my Mum’s house without ringing the bell as the front door was opened. I could hear her on the phone talking and laughing in her sun room. She was saying that she had figured out a clever way to get her son to visit her everyday by pretending to like some silly computer 3d modeling thing.  “What on earth was she going to do with something like that at her age?” Then she busted out laughing hysterically at whatever she heard in response from the other person on the phone that she was talking too.

I was in shock and then got somewhat angry as I realized that I had just been played by my Mum. I was not sure if I was angry that she deceived me or that she ridiculed my profession, my passion, and my livelihood!  So I turned around and walked out the front door. No lessons today Mum! I muttered to myself as I drove off.

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