Why Use 3D Images?

Why Use 3D Images?

“A 3D digital image is worth a million words”

In today’s world, inventors need to be able to communicate their ideas in highly realistic digital formats to gain maximum exposure. They need to quickly and easily describe the benefits of their ideas to be able to license or commercialize it.

Flat Pyramid provides a competitive service where ideas/patents/designs are digitally created in 3D model to clearly communicate the features, benefits and design of the invention or idea.Studies have shown that people are more willing to commercialize or license a product if they can see how it works digitally, when not physically available for inspection.

Key Benefits Of Using 3D Images

Visual representation of your idea.

Sell your ideas faster — visually communicate product benefits and features.

Save time & money — 3D models cost less and are ready faster than physical prototypes.

Share your 3D model with multiple clients at a time.

Obtain financing — improve your chances of getting investment capital by visually communicating your idea.

• Showcase your digital prototype online — post it on www.flatpyramid.com to advertise your invention and potentially sell the digital prototype worldwide.