Using Maya To Create 3D Models

Using Maya To Create 3D Models

3D models created with NURBs method of modeling allow the user to use this program, Maya, to create adequate 3D models. This popular system uses Node based software that has been developed from the wave front explorer program. This program, written in C++ and is popular within many groups of 3D modelers, amateur and professional.

Artists have access to the latest 2009 version, released recently and can create models through the following three modeling methods: NURBS, polygon, and subdivision surfaces. Using these three modeling types allow the user to create a variety of models, using the most beneficial form to create these models.

Four types of animation are available while using the Maya software: key frame animation, nonlinear animation, path animation and motion capture animation. The artists are able to set constraints within the program, as well as use full form bodily movements with the creation of a skeleton. The benefits of programs such as these are the lifelike qualities that the models entail upon completion. Processes such as deforming, skinning, or using kinematics enable the user to create a diverse range of movement within the models, and diverse model creations.

Experts like Maya because of the capability to use a variety of rendering platforms throughout the process. Processes can be integrated from other programs, or even created by the user to increase the capabilities of the program. This capability are defined by the open render API, and is the sole reason that third party programs may be used to create the rendering systems.

When Incorporating difficult surface upon the 3D models is simpler when using the 3D modeling software program called Maya. With easy techniques to create hair, fur, or textiles – the user can integrate these surfaces with ease. Fluid effects such as smoke, water, or other elements within the environment are easily created as well, just adding to the popularity of the program.