What Are 3D Models?

What Are 3D Models?

A 3D model is a representation of any three-dimensional object using computer graphics software. A 3D Model can be displayed virtually as a 2D image through a process called 3D rendering or used in a 3D computer simulation, animation, or visualization.

Creating a 3D model is often a time consuming and an expensive process. Therefore, 3D modelers, animation and production studios, advertising agencies, architects, TV and movie production houses often save time and money by using already made 3D models from sites like FlatPyramid.com in their projects.

The 3D models on websites such as Flat Pyramid are created by highly skilled 3D modelers or artists from all over the world that use specialized 3D software, 3D plug-ins and other 3D applications to create a variety of 3D models in several 3D categories and multiple file formats, such as: 3d Studio Max, Maya, OBJ, Lightwave, Open Flight, Softimage XSI, and Cinema 4D.

Below are images of some of the popular 3D model categories:

Architecture Military People Vehicles Characters AnimalsFurniture more 3D model categories »

3D Model of Bear High Detailed Realistic Bear UVmapped and smoothable

Fig.1 The Animals 3d model category includes anime characters, monster, and creatures.

3D Collection of modern furniture

Fig.2 The Furniture 3d model category includes a variety of furniture.