Working As A 3D Modeler (Week 19)

Working As A 3D Modeler (Week 19)

Last week I started a new contract 3d modeling job and was unfortunate enough to have a weird guy sitting next to me in the next cubicle.  Now, it has been a while since I worked in an office environment and so having to wake up early to go into the office everyday has really been stressful as I am used to doing a lot of my 3d modeling work at night and staying up late into the early hours of the morning.

Regardless, I was able to make it on time everyday to the office. Only to be depressed every time I see Robert – the weird guy that sits in the next cubicle to me. Like I said last week, this dude has some serious issues plus some major negative vibes around him.  I tried to move cubicles earlier in the week but my manager would not allow it. He said he did not want to keep moving people away from Robert because it could be misconstrued as employee discrimination.  Besides Robert was the best 3D VFX guy and animator they had.

So since I could not get away from Robert, I decided to make the best of the situation and perhaps learn some VFX and animating skills from him.  I must confess that the guy is really talented and really open to sharing tips and tricks. The only issue is his constant heavy breathing and chewing which is really annoying especially when I have to look over his shoulders at his computer screen while he shows me stuff.

On Wednesday, we went out for lunch together and he decided to take me to his favorite restaurant a couple of blocks away. It was a Chinese buffet – Mandarin style ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT type restaurant. But when we got there they refused to sit us. I asked “why and what was going on” but the hostess lady would not say anything other than she had to get her manager to talk to us.

Finally after about 10 minutes the manager, a Mr. Wong came by and with a scowling look on his face said to Robert “ I thought I told you not to come here anymore!” he said it in broken English with a heavy Chinese accent.  “You are banned, banned, please leave” I was stunned. I asked him “Why? what is going on?” he said in response “ Your friend he eat too much, eat all the food, no stop, always eat, eat, eat… so he banned.”

At this point I did not know what to do or say. I looked at Robert who did not seem faced one bit. He was instead yelling and threatening to sue them for discrimination against him because of his weight. He mentioned that he had always paid his bill and so could not be denied.

It was getting really embarrassing as people were now staring at us. So I asked the manager if he could make an exception for my sake. But he said “you no problem, but fat friend, No! No! No!”

Finally, after much back and forth discussions with him, he said he would allow Robert in only if he paid double for the buffet and we could not stay more than 30 minutes.  So we agreed.

As soon as we got in, Robert went food crazy. He loaded his plate to the brim with as much food as he could. He ate really fast and gobbled down item after item on his plate.

He started sweating profusely and constantly had to dabble his face with multiple napkins while he woofed down his meal.  I asked him to slow down before he choked to death but he would not listen only saying to me “Jon, I got to get my money’s worth from this stingy little Chinese man.”

As he went back for the 5th or 6th time to load up his plate, the manager stopped him. Saying “No more fat man this is enough!”  A sort of physical struggle between them ensued with Robert pushing his way to the buffet and Mr. Wong trying to stop him. However, Mr. Wong was no match for Robert’s size and was forced to make way.

As we left the restaurant, I realized that the Chinese manager was right after all. My office cubicle mate – Robert was a food crazed mad man – a certified glutton.  As soon as we got into the office Robert thanked me for standing up for him at the restaurant and dashed into the restroom to brush his teeth.

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