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this is a real house in Holland.

The new status of the Netherlands, as a center of modern architecture, was consecrated in 1955 when the Fourth Congress of the International Union of Architects was held in The Hague. This event and those that followed in the 1950s pushed professionals in this field to design architectural tours and write guides on their country. For example, at the 1955 Congress, participants received the Dutch-English Guide to Dutch Architecture by renowned architect Johannes Hendrik van den Broek, devoted to the contemporary architecture of the Netherlands, translated into Dutch. in 1959, which was very popular with the public. It is based on a chapter on architecture written by art historian Rudolf Meischke in the Gids voor Beeldende Kunst in Bouwkunst in Nederland by HE van Gelder published in 19547, a publication that also saw the day after another congress in 1952, the XVII International Congress of Art History. The Guide to Dutch Art, directed by Van den Broek, has a chapter on contemporary architecture, although of the thirty-one introductory pages, only seven are devoted to modern architecture.

However, the reader is not confused because the book also contains a directory of about 750 buildings, along with basic but essential information such as the name of the designer, the year of construction and the address of the building. This last element, as obvious as it is, is essential for an architectural guide. While it is easy to find monuments as famous as churches or town halls, usually indicated on each city map, it is however much more difficult to identify social housing, residential buildings or industrial complexes.

The attention given to Dutch architecture in the post-war period was also accompanied by increased interest in large-scale civil construction projects in order to combat the rising waters: they were given a tourist value with the reissue of two sharp travel guides. In 1956, the Excursiegids voor de promenade guide Noordoostpolder was published, devoted to the hydraulic, agronomic, urbanistic and socio-economic aspects of the Zuiderzee's works begun in 1919, in particular, the drying up of the Noordoostpolder.

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Published on: February 13, 2011
3D Artist: JVDL