building 004 3D Model (3ds max psd)

3D Model by rose_studio

Building 004  3D model

High detail building model with Vray and multi layer phososhop PSD file.

From the legendary Tower of Babel to the iconic Burj Khalifa, humans have always aspired to build to ever greater heights. Over the centuries, we have constructed towering edifices to celebrate our culture, promote our cities – or simply to show off.


Historically, tall structures were the preserve of great rulers, religions, and empires. For instance, the Great Pyramid of Giza, built to house the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu, once towered over 145 meters high. It was the tallest man-made structure for nearly 4,000 years, before being overtaken by the 160-meter-tall Lincoln Cathedral in the 14th century. Other edifices, such as Tibet’s Potala Palace (the traditional home of the Dalai Lama), or the monasteries of Athos were constructed atop mountains or rocky outcrops, to bring them even closer to the heavens.

Yet these grand historical efforts are dwarfed by the skyscrapers of the 20th and 21st centuries. London’s Shard looms at 310 meters tall at its fractured tip but it’s made to look small by the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, which stands at more than 828 meters. And both these behemoths will be left in the shadows by the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. Originally planned by architect Adrian Smith to reach 1,600 meters, the tower is now likely to reach one kilometer high, once it’s completed in 2020.

So how did we make this great leap upwards?  We can trace our answer back to the 1880s when the first generation of skyscrapers appeared in Chicago and New York. The booming insurance businesses of the mid-19th century were among the first enterprises to exploit the technological advancements, which made tall buildings possible.

Constructed in the aftermath of the great fire of 1871, Chicago’s Home Insurance Building, completed in 1884 by William Le Baron Jenney  is widely considered to be the first tall building of the industrial era, at 12 stories high.

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Published on: February 13, 2011
3D Artist: rose_studio