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Building 017 3D model

high detail building model with multi layer phososhop PSD file

There is no clear beginning or singular building that can be marked as the start of modernism in architecture. There were however several independent strands of ideas that were developing in Europe around the turn of the century (1800’s-1900’s) that show a clear connection to the movement. The buildings that resulted from these ideas could all be strongly associated with the notion of progress.

It could also be said that modernism began not just from a desire to express progression but also from a stern rejection of the historical tenants and imitations of past forms. At the time, many buildings were still referencing forms of the past, most notably from the Renaissance. When confidence in Renaissance values began to erode, architects began searching for a new language which expressed a more honest reflection of the contemporary world and the current ideas at the time. The slavish adherence to historical forms was questioned and architects began to look forward.

The Industrial Revolution also played a significant role in the development of modern architecture. During this time, the way people lived, worked, traveled and pursued leisure changed significantly. A new way of life prompted the development of many new building types which did not have a convention or precedent. Perhaps a more obvious impact of the industrial revolution was the availability of new materials. New materials with superior construction and engineering capabilities allowed architects to design longer spans, taller structures, and open floor plans. These new capabilities intrinsically changed the way buildings look and helped to brand the modernist architectural aesthetic.

With the Industrial Revolution also came the emergence of new patrons and new concentrations/distributions of wealth. In the eighteenth century, architectural patronage came primarily from the church, government or the aristocracy. These patrons were typically interested in creating buildings that referenced a historical precedent. With the Industrial Revolution came tycoons who captured the wealth of the new economy and were capable of funding new projects of all sorts. These patrons were not tied to religious or governmental conventions. They were often open to new forms and had a cushioned budget that allowed for experimentation.

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Published on: February 13, 2011
3D Artist: rose_studio