building 054 3D Model (3ds max psd)

3D Model by rose_studio

Building 054 3D model

High detail building model with Vray and multi layer phososhop PSD file.

During the last two decades, the history of modern architecture has been one of sorting out, developing, and transforming possibilities implicit at the beginning. What has changed more than architectural practice is the way we see buildings and talk about them. Underlying the change is the feeling, widespread but by no means universal, that the modern movement in architecture as understood by its pioneers is now over. That change in attitude describes a hope or a fear rather than a fact, and it also focuses attention on the nature of modernism. It is unlikely that anyone can offer a definition of modern architecture to which there are no exceptions.

But at the beginning of the modern movement, one commitment emerged preeminently. Modern architecture, like engineering, sought to deal only with the truths of structure and function. It wanted all architectural pleasures to derive from the straightforward encounter with necessity. Architectural fictions, the play of unnecessary forms with which the historic styles sought to transcend necessity, were rejected as unworthy.

That at least describes an essential characteristic of what came to be called the International Style, to which the most important exception was Expressionism in its various national modes, the loser, for a time, in the wars of persuasion. But an architecture based on objective analysis alone is impossible; emotionally, logically, and even technically. Modern architecture has thus had a history of trying to escape from the internal contradictions of its own philosophy. Its forms have had to be justified according to determinist doctrines which the forms themselves contradict. For the most part, those forms have remained within the reductionist parameters of engineering and technology, modified from year to year by developments in modern painting and sculpture, by the accelerated international publication of projects and built work, and by a quantity of building activity around the world without precedent in human history.

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Published on: February 13, 2011