Bay buildings 3D Model (3ds max psd)

3D Model by rose_studio

Bay buildings 3D model

high detail building model with multi-layer Photoshop PSD file.

Tectonics is a sensually visual image of mechanical stability, showing the work of a static structure. AT
treatise Vitruvius this concept is not indicated. The theoretical understanding of tectonics took place gradually (works by A. Palladio, Alberti). Freara R. in 1650 wrote that the indispensable duty of every architect is to ensure that every building is not only solid and stable but also looks like that. Felibien J. talked about
which is not enough for the building to be solid. This strength must be seen. It is not enough that the building is decorated, it is necessary that the decorations be used as necessary, as required by the nature, purpose, and dignity of the building itself. Thus, the main direction in the development of order aesthetics
from antiquity to the first half of the nineteenth century, the process of understanding the tectonic nature of the warrant was. The main aspect of order aesthetics in this era was the idea of ​​anthropomorphism.
In historical styles, processes of aesthetic transformation of architectural
forms in line with the principles of the classical method of composition (Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, etc.)

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Published on: February 13, 2011