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Art Deco business building 210 3D model.

Art Deco, (literally Art Deco - literally "Decorative Art") - an artistic trend during the first half of the XX century. Appeared in architecture, in decorative arts, fashion and painting. Synthesis of modernism and neoclassicism. Distinctive features - a strict pattern, ethnic geometric patterns, luxury, chic, valuable modern materials (ivory, crocodile leather, aluminum, rare species of wood, silver). In the United States, the Netherlands, France and some other countries, Art Deco has gradually evolved towards functionalism, while in countries with totalitarian regimes (Third Reich, USSR, etc.), Art Deco is turning into a "new empire". In the Soviet architecture of the post-constructivism period, many elements of art deco (such as the Moscow Hotel) were borrowed.

The International Exhibition, held in 1925 in Paris and officially called the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, gave the life of the term "Art Deco". This exhibition of the world featured French luxury goods that proved that Paris remained an international center of style after the First World War. The gold medal was awarded to artist Vadim Meller for his performance at the Berezil Theater.

The Art Deco direction itself existed even before the exhibition was opened in 1925 - this was evident in European art during the 1920s. It reached the American shores only in 1928, where in the 1930s it became the Streamline Moderne, an Americanized branch of the Art Deco that became the hallmark of the decade.

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Published on: February 13, 2011