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bar interior night club lounge beer drink wine chair table stool optic bottle alcahol pub restaurant tavern cafe disco music light drum rock roof arch

Let us discuss the 3D model of Bar.
The bar is, generally, a happy place. Whether you are there to pass a quiet hour with a friend or to go on an insta-rampage, most people associate positive things with the place where alcohol is served.A bar is the most entertaining place for teenagers where you are provided with stools or chairs that are placed along with tables or counters for their patrons.. The counter is called the bar where a bartender serves drinks. The term is used as a synecdoche of drinking establishments called bars.

Typically this counter serves a variety of beers, wines, liquors, and non-alcoholic products and is designed to promote the bartender’s work.

Different Types of Bars
• Public bar
• Lounge bar
• Cocktail bar
• Night club bar
• Pub
• Wine bar
• Mini bar
• Wine shop
• Beer Bar
• Dive Bar
• Cabaret

As you can see from 3d model specifications of the Bar 3D Model, you can use it for projects wherever you need. This is a high definition 3d model and it’s fully textured so use it for your close-ups and visualizations where a high-level detail is needed. This 3ds Max version comes fully textured and shaded for V-ray. All high-resolution maps are included and the model is carefully UV-unwrapped, allowing you to use your own textures.

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Published on: February 13, 2011