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3D Model by tartino

Strait of Messina Bridge Project.
This project if completed would stand as one of the Landmark Bridges of the 21st century. It would be the longest suspension bridge ever built (between towers).
The Strait of Messina (divides the island of Sicily from Calabria in southern Italy) is 2 miles (3km) wide. While the overall length is not a big problem the economics, water depth, wind, and earthquakes all have to be accounted for.

Presently all has been accounted for except the economics. To avoid the problem of the deep water, the solution was to design the longest suspension bridge ever. It will have a 3300 m (2 mi) main span and 180 m (590 ft) side spans (overall length 3.7 km(2.5 mi)). The main piers will be founded in 120 m (400 ft) of water. There will be a new patented lighter deck design which deals with aerodynamic and seismic problems. The wind will be no problem as the aerodynamic features of the bridge will allow it to withstand 216 kmhr (134 mihr). Earthquakes will have to be huge as the bridge will be able to face without damage a seismic action corresponding to 7.1 magnitude in Richter scale (severer than the earthquake that destroyed in Messina on 1908). The only obstacle left is the funding. The bridge is expected to cost five billion dollars and take eleven years to build.

The bridge will be 60 m (196 feet wide) and will have 12 lanes for traffic and two lanes in the middle for trains. This will allow 140,000 vehicles and 200 trains per day. This will cut down transit times of up to 12 hours down to minutes.

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Published on: February 13, 2011
3D Artist: tartino