Bridges 3D Models

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3D Models of Bridges and other Architectural Structures.

The bridge is an artificial structure erected over an obstacle, for example, across a river, lake, marsh, strait.

An engineering structure erected across the road is called an overpass, a structure over a ravine or ravine is called a viaduct.

As a rule, bridges consist of span structures and piers. The span structures are used to perceive the loads and transfer them to the supports; they can be located roadway, pedestrian crossing, pipeline. The supports transfer loads from span structures to the base of the bridge.

The static scheme of span structures can be arched, beam, frame, cable-stayed or combined; it determines the type of bridge by design.

The span structures are supported by supports, each of which consists of a foundation and support part. The shape of the supports can be very diverse. Intermediate supports are called bulls, coastal – abutments.

Materials for bridges are metal (steel and aluminum alloys), reinforced concrete, concrete, natural stone, wood, ropes.

The bridge scheme is a formula in which the dimensions of the calculated spans, the distances between the centers of the supporting parts of the span structures, are successively presented. If several consecutive support parts have the same size, their number multiplied by the size of each is indicated.