Roman Amphora 3D Model (3ds max)

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Roman Amphora 3D model

Antique scene with light effect
The scene in max version is exactly the same than the presentation picture
materials and textures are included into archives
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Amphora is an antique ceramic vessel of elongated or egg-shaped form with two vertical handles on the throat or on the shoulders. Amphoras are more often ostrodone, often with a small leg or round-bottomed. Flat-bottomed are rare. Were distributed among the Greeks, Romans, Etruscans. In addition to ceramic, are known and amphorae of bronze, silver, marble, glass. Ordinary clay amphoras were a mass product, mainly used for transporting and storing olive oil or wine. Re-used for burial and as an urn for voting.

Each center for the manufacture of amphorae adhered to its own special forms of vessels and had its own stamps, which helps in dating and restoring trade relations.

The volume of the amphora can be from 5 to 50 liters. Large high amphoras were used to transport liquids. In Rome, amphoras of 26.03 liters (ancient Roman cubic ped or Greek “talent”) were used to measure liquids.

The developer of the typology of amphorae classification is a German archeologist Heinrich Dressel. A significant contribution to the study of amphorae was made by the Russian archaeologist S. Yu. Monakhov.

Also called amphoras are two-handed painted vases for various purposes. Painted Panathenaic amphoras (from the Panathenaic games), filled with olive oil, served as a prize in sports competitions.

Often, amphoras are also called vessels of similar forms of other cultures.

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Published on: October 6, 2011