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Office & home furniture 3D models are not only tables and chairs for one or another institution. Rather, such kits can be presented as a single working mechanism, designed to ensure increased productivity and also the image of the organization among partners and competitors. Therefore, office furniture can be considered as the most important element in the design of the workspace. And this factor does not change from that in which home or office the furniture is installed: at the head office or in a room where ordinary employees work. The type of furniture differs depending on the place of its displacement. It is not difficult to buy an office sofa, but it will not be put into the premises for employees. Rather, this element will fit comfortably in the office of the boss.

Like any furniture that is designed for specific purposes, office furniture also has certain characteristics. They have such furniture different from other but manufactured for other purposes (for example, from designs in an apartment or a country house). What are the qualities of office furniture?

Style orientation. As a rule, there are no bright elements in the office furniture. If they can be seen on one or another design, they most likely refer to the corporate color, the company or organization in whose walls they are located.

Straightness of the shapes of tables and chairs, sofas, intended for business establishments. They are distinguished by one undoubted quality – rigor. In other words, visiting this or that office, each of the customers will not see exquisite and slightly fancy chandeliers or a sofa in a vintage style. The office is more and more simple, correct and upright in the business style. Furniture for an office should, above all, create an environment of business communication, but not distract with its bizarre forms and amazing outlines from work.

How can you furnish your business room 3D model?

Office furniture is diverse and includes the following elements:

  • coffee tables;
  • computer tables (both ordinary and angular);
  • special partitions;
  • reception;
  • office sofas;
  • tables and chairs (for staff and managers);
  • safes;
  • table for negotiations.