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3D Models Collections of Home and Office Furniture.

Tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, cabinets and shelves … They surround us at home, in the office and in the store; They have thousands of models and designs. But, like any product, furniture has its own classification, and in a variety of options.

According to the functional purpose. In terms of this classification, home furniture is one big class. Another class is furniture for public spaces, including cafes and restaurants, hospitals, schools, shops, train stations, airports, and so on. Items of the office environment are sometimes allocated to the third (separate) class, but more often referred to as furniture for public spaces.

By role in the interior, or, in simple words, by the room in which it stands. Here they allocate furniture for the bedrooms; kitchens; living rooms; children’s furniture; furniture for the hallway; for the dining room; for the bathroom; and even for the pantry, dressing room, gazebos and saunas.