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3D Model by Panaristi

Originally modelled in cinema4D.

- Inside scene: Model without textures
- No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.
- No special plugin needed to open scene.

- Phong shading interpolation / Smoothing - 35°

- NOTE: The file contains only the model without any textures.

- c4d Version R16
- Polygones - 528693 Vertices - 306313 - 99 Objects

- obj File - lwo file - 3ds file - fbx file Version 2010

Sd.Kfz. 250 was a light armoured halftrack, very similar in appearance to the larger Hanomag-designed SD.KFZ 251, and built by the DEMAG firm, for use by Nazi Germany in World War II.
The vehicle was used in a wide variety of roles throughout WW II. The basic troop carrier version was used as an armored personnel carrier for reconnaissance units, carrying scout sections. This basic variant usually mounted one or two MG 34 machineguns. Later variants carried 20 mm, 37 mm, and even 75 mm guns to support the more lightly armed versions.

Sd.kfz. 250 was a German’s light armored half-track. It was very much similar to Hanamog designed sd.kfz. 251. It was used by Nazis in World War II. The top was opened and only one door was in it to come and go. It came on command in 1939 as a supplement to the standard half truck.

It was powered by Maybach 6-cylinder, water-cooled 4.17-litre HL 42 TRKM gasoline engine with 100 HP. The transmission was semi-automatic pre-selector transmission with seven forward and 3 backward gears. It was a “light armoured troop carrier” that can attain 76 km/h speed. The front wheels were mounted leaf springs and shock absorbers to reduce the dampen impact. It was also mounted with an MG 34 machinegun. This vehicle took out the various roles in the battlefield, such as an armored personnel carrier, carrying scouts sections and the long-range battalion also used it as radio vehicle.

The production of this model was stopped in October 1943 with 4,200 units. The complex body structure and the introduction of new low-cost and effective designs took him out of the production gallery.

To build the 3D model of this historical piece is quite complicated. Hence FlatPyramid came up with the idea of redefining its historical importance through its 3D model of SD.KFZ 250 – German Halftrack. The design is created with such precision and detail that you can enjoy a near to original experience. You can see the admirable details. The model is available in different formats and ready to use

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  • Vertices306313
  • Polygons528693
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedNo
  • MaterialsNo
  • RiggedNo
  • TexturesNo
  • File-formats3D Studio (.3ds), Autodesk FBX file (.fbx), Cinema 4D (.c4d), Lightwave (.lwo, .lw, .lws), Wavefront (.obj)
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Published on: July 20, 2017