Lightwave (.lwo, .lw, .lws)

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In this category on Flatpyramid you will find 3D models related to LightWave software, such models have .lwo .lw .lws file formats.
LightWave 3D is a computer program, a full-featured professional 3D graphics editor developed by NewTek. The latest versions are designed to work in Microsoft Windows and OS X environments (both 32-bit and 64-bit).
A popular package for the creation of 3D graphics, widely used in the production of video, television, film production. Lightwave contains a powerful polygon modeling system that also creates a polygon-based subdivision, to which Newtek gave the name “MetaNURBS” (despite the name, Lightwave does not support NURBS modeling, MetaNURBS is a trademark used by Newtek ‘ for their splitting surfaces).
The package consists of two main program modules – a modeler for modeling and layout for everything else. The third program, Hub, is used to automatically synchronize data between modules.
LightWave scene files are similar to CAD assembly files; CAD assembly files reference associated part files to create the scene. Simply, .lws files reference .lwo and .lw files to create the scene, and these associated .lwo and .lw files reference various image files. Therefore, when you import a .lws file, you should add the locations of the folders through which SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author searches for the associated .lwo and .lw files (content folders). You must also add the locations of the images used in the associated files.
Lightwave have a developed animation system (bones, frame and inverse kinematics); high-quality rendering, multithreading support, ray tracing, caustics, global lighting, VIPER preview module; subsystem of network rendering Screamernet. The built-in mechanism for working with particles Hyper Voxels allows you to generate smoke, fire, any fluids, fog, clouds, etc.
Lightwave includes three types of scene editor: classic, modern and graphic. The surface editor is used to set material properties (including node settings), image editor has basic tools for editing raster images.
A powerful plug-in system extends the functionality of the package, and the LScript programming language allows you to write your own scripts. Starting with version 11, Python is added as a scripting language.