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3D Model by eric_apanowicz

Christmas tree 3D model with a decorative ornaments and snow.

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Legends of a Christmas tree origin:
A legend popular in Germany associates the emergence of a Christmas tree with the name of St. Boniface. According to the life of the saint, to show the Germanic pagans the impotence of their gods, he cut down the holy oak of Odin. The legend develops this plot: to the question of shocked Germans, how to celebrate Christmas, he pointed out to them a small spruce tree that had survived under collapsed oak branches. Its evergreen branches symbolize immortality, and the tip indicates heaven, as the dwelling place of God.

Wonderful hawthorn from Glastonbury Abbey, which bloomed twice a year - at Christmas and in the spring - could contribute to the idea of ​​a Christmas tree. According to legend, he grew out of the thorn crown of Jesus Christ, brought by Joseph of Arimathea.

The formation of the modern Christmas ritual took place in the German tradition already at the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the New Age. The Christmas tree goes back to the “paradise tree” of the pre-Christmas mystery, a theatrical production dedicated to the history of the fall, since on December 24, Western Christians commemorated Adam and Eve. As a decoration, taking into account the winter time, they used a coniferous tree, which was decorated with apples (the symbol of the forbidden fruit) and waffles or cookies (the symbol of the visit - communion and redemption). The requisite and images of this mystery, like a Christmas nativity scene, are rooted in the household ritual.

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Published on: February 13, 2011