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The Boeing 747 3D model commonly dubbed "Jumbo," is a wide-body transcontinental commercial aircraft manufactured by Boeing. It is known for its large size (it was the largest passenger plane for more than three decades until the Airbus company created the A380 ) and is among the most famous aircraft in the world. He made his first commercial flight in 1970 and was the first aircraft with a wide fuselage.

The four 747 turbofan engines are manufactured by Pratt & Whitney. The JT-9D engine was released with that plane and has been used later by other wide-body aircraft, such as the Douglas DC-10. His two-story cabin has given him much recognition in the air transport sector. With a typical distribution of three classes of passengers, it carries 416 people, while a two-class arrangement can accommodate a maximum of 529 passengers. The 747-8, the most recent version in service, flies at subsonic speeds of Mach 0.85 (about 913 kilometers per hour ) and offers an intercontinental flight range of 8,000.nautical miles (15,000 kilometers ).

It was predicted that the 747 would be obsolete when the first 400 units had been sold, but the model has exceeded all expectations and, after those criticisms, production reached 1,000 units in 1993. By December 2017, 1542 aircraft had been built, with another 12 units of the 747-8F variant waiting to be delivered. 12 The most recent version of this model, the 747-8, entered service with Cargolux (cargo version) on October 12, 2011, and with Lufthansa (passenger version) on June 1, 2012.

The 747 is one of the most recognizable aircraft by the public. The aircraft was called the "Queen of Heaven" ( Queen of the Skies ). It has been used by millions of people to carry out international flights. In addition, it was the first civil wide-body aircraft, the largest, the heaviest and the pioneer in the use of turbofan engines of high derivation ratio, less polluting and noisy than conventional turbojets.

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The 747-200 was designed to fulfill the basic passenger requirements. The plane was having more fuel capacity and more powerful engines. It started giving services to Air-France in June 1970. During the first three initial years, the Boeing 747-200 was incorporated with Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7 engines. The range with full passenger load started starts with 5,000 nmi and increased to 6,000 nmi with later engines. Later on, the 200B’s were updated with internally stretched upper deck and increased seats for more 16 passengers

The two-story cabin of 200B’s gives it so much recognition in the air transport sector. The plane was divided into three classed as usual. It was able to carry a maximum 529 passengers in one go.

It was stated that 747 will only produce 400 units of 200B’s version, but the model exceeded the expectation of the air transport industry. And the production crossed the bars to make 1000 units in 1993.

The Boeing 747 is stated as the queen of skies and recognized by the public. Even today millions of people take these flights to travel across the world.

As you can see from 3d model specifications of B 747 200 Air France, you can use it for projects wherever you need. This is a high definition 3d model and it’s fully textured so use it for your close-ups and visualizations where a high-level detail is needed.

It’s various formats and high-quality rendering increases its versatility in terms of its occupation in the designing world.

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Published on: February 13, 2011