F-117 3D Model (3ds lwo)

3D Model by przemyslaw_kuca

F-117 3D model or Lockheed F-117 "Night Hawk" - US single-seat tactical unobtrusive strike aircraft of the company Lockheed Martin, designed for covert penetration through the enemy's air defense system and attacks of strategically important ground military facilities (missile bases, airfields control centers and communications, etc.).

The first flight was made on June 18, 1981. 64 units were produced, the last serial copy was delivered to the USAF in 1990.
F-117 is quite successfully used in a number of military conflicts. In mid-2008, the aircraft of this type were completely decommissioned, mainly due to the adoption of the F-22 Raptor.

The official name of the F-117 in the US Air Force is "Night Hawk" (Night Hawk - English word for word - Night Hawk, correctly - Nightjack), although there is also the fusion writing "Nighthok". According to the aircraft designation system in the US military, letter F is assigned to fighters. The reason why Knight Hawk was classified as a fighter and was armed with fighter squadrons remains unclear; Contrary to the popular culture of the Stealth Fighter, the F-117 is a tactical strike aircraft (bomber / attack aircraft) and was never intended to carry out fighter missions. A similar situation occurred with the tactical / strategic bomber F-111, also wearing a "destructive" designation.

lwo (subdivisionpolygonal): v=5550 f=7037
3ds (polygonal) v=13541 f=24436

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  • Vertices13541
  • Polygons24436
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Published on: February 13, 2011
3D Artist: przemyslaw_kuca