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Aircrafts hangar 3D model standalone aircrafts hangar model with own control tower. OBJ, C4D and 3DS formats. This is an original building with indoors and outdoors details, surface control tower, gyratory wind sensors, sliding hoists and operable main gates and doors. The hangar has been UV textured with Bodypaint 3D 2.5 and the level of detail is very high. Included is a texture template for making your own textures and decals. (Aircrafts and characters in prom images are not included).

Hangar is a facility for storage, maintenance and repair of airplanes, airships (sheds), helicopters, other aircraft, or other large-sized equipment. The main volume of the hangar provides a convenient placement of equipment and the performance of work on it; often, extensions are shared with the hangar to accommodate personnel, office equipment, warehouses, etc.

Also called hangars industrial premises arched, straight wall, polygonal or hip type. Often the hangar is a pre-fabricated building. Depending on the technology used, the hangars can be frame and frameless. During the construction of frame hangars, a frame (supporting structures) is mounted, and a fence is attached to it. Also there are frame tent hangars covered with woven material. An arched hangar is often made of a corrugated metal profile, while using other materials (plastic, wood).

At military airfields of fighter and assault aircraft, capital shelters are used, called reinforced arched shelter (ZhBU), which are not hangars.

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Published on: February 13, 2011