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3D Model by Behr_Bros.

While using the EV mode, even if there is enough charge in the battery, when you switch the magic number to 25 miles per hour, when you return to the previous speed mode, the automatic start does not occur. Otsuka could not explain why they designed the system this way, but it seems that Toyota specifically wants the EV mode to be used separately to extend battery life. So when you exit the freeway, turn on Ev mode, and when it turns off, focus on Eco mode if you want to save fuel. During the test drive, we used the EV mode switch button whenever we could, and although the result was 65 miles per gallon, it’s not bad at all, this issue still needs special attention.

Toyota is well aware that most people drive a Prius precisely because this model makes it super-easy to save fuel. In the existing model, owners have to put up with a bad rear view - after all, they have a fuel economy of 45 miles per gallon, they have to put up with a terrible drunk when reversing and the appearance of a car like a spaceship - because they can pass gas stations without frequent stops. Now, with 50 miles per gallon (or even better), the new owners of the Prius have even more reasons to quietly put up with any flaws that may appear in the new car.

Max Format:
Meshsmooth is applied so you can set the object resolution as you like. Just use the Named Selection Set meshsmooth to select the SubD objects.

Obj Format:
In 3 different resolutions ranging from 137726 to 976888 Polygons. Interior and exterior are saved separately so you can render the car also without the interior.The lowest poly-version is the SubD. hull. So you can use it easily as SubD in Maya/XSI or any Programms supporting SubD.

3ds Format:
In 3 different resolutions ranging from 273256 to 1951467 Polygons. Interior and exterior are saved separately so you can render the car also without the interior.

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  • Vertices144839
  • Polygons136736
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedNo
  • MaterialsYes
  • RiggedNo
  • TexturesYes
  • File-formats3D Studio (.3ds), 3D Studio Max file (.max), Wavefront (.obj)
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Published on: December 2, 2013