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3D Model by tartino

Forklift dxf collection with a 4 wheels forklift 3D model.

A 3 wheels one, a pallet truck, 3 pallets with barrels, wood box and shipping boxes.

Modern forklift appeared in the late 1920s by several American and European companies, leading independent developments. A certain impetus to the development of this industry was given by the First World War, during which a shortage of manpower led to the fact that several developers at once began to independently develop equipment for warehouse operations. The immediate predecessors of industrial loaders are the Hyster company (Hyster) and the Clark Equipment company for transporting sand. In the USSR, the first “portal auto-haul truck” Hyster appeared in 1930, supplied by Albert Kahn Inc. together with other technological equipment during the construction of workshops at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.

World War II accelerated the development of loader production, primarily in the United States. The American company Hyster supplied the loaders for the needs of the US Army; after World War II, they remained to work in Europe to rebuild the destroyed cities and became legendary thanks to their power and reliability. After the war, the recovery of the European economy led to an economic boom, primarily by German forklift manufacturers Jungheinrich, Linde, STILL GmbH and Steinbock.

Today in the world of forklifts continues the trend, as among car manufacturers: economic integration, absorption and merger. Top ten global manufacturers of forklifts are headed by such major brands as Toyota, Komatsu, Kion Group (Linde brands, STILL GmbH), Nacco Industries (Hyster, Yale brands), Jungheinrich, Crown, Mitsubishi / Caterpillar, Kalmar, TCM, Nissan. Currently, loaders are noticeably improving. Many manufacturers of loaders attach importance not only to functional qualities, but also to the design of loaders. Their development uses the latest technical advances.

Electric loaders are actively taking the first place, since they are much more economical and much more environmentally friendly in operation. In connection with the development of modern power supply technologies such as lithium titanate, electric forklifts began to exceed dozens of times auto-loaders with internal combustion engines in terms of low cost of ownership and operating life. Electric loaders with almost equal market price with auto loaders, do not consume fuel, do not require expensive maintenance, and using lithium-titanate batteries absolutely do not require maintenance and battery replacement during the entire lifetime. Electric loaders equipped with lithium-titanate batteries charge very quickly (up to 6 minutes before full charge and 3 minutes up to 80% charge level), very efficiently distribute the charge, with a rate of 93% save energy of recovery of the electric forklift when braking, and without any loss at temperature to minus 30 degrees. Currently, this technology is actively produced by the Japanese corporation TOSHIBA, and lithium titanate batteries are used on electric loaders Komatsu.

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Published on: February 13, 2011
3D Artist: tartino