Forklift 3D Models

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3D Models of Forklift and other Industrial Vehicles.

It is a vehicle counterweighted at its rear, used for raising, lowering and transporting pallets, containers and other cargo. You can also use the forks with different lifting devices, such as slings and pulleys.

Given the great diversity of configurations and types of vehicles that exist within the field of handling and lifting of loads, to have this consideration must be a vehicle that supports and transports the cantilever load in front of the front axle and the up and down movement of the load is made by sliding down a mast.

They live within this denomination from small and compact models barely designed to raise 1000 kg to large versions – used, for example, in ports – capable of handling a loaded container (2 x TEU ) (that is, they move a full load of a truck at one time).

The modern forklift appeared in the ’20s of the last century by the forces of several American and European companies that carried out independent development. A certain impetus to the development of this industry was the First World War, during which the shortage of labor force led to the fact that several European developers began independently to develop engineering for warehouse operations.

The top ten manufacturers in 1997 were Toyota (Japan), Linde (Germany), Jungheinrich (Germany), NACCO Industries (USA), Crown Equipment Co (Japan), Mitsubishi / Caterpillar (Japan), Komatsu (Japan) TCM (Japan), Nissan.