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Katrina Jones is a Bitch 3D Modeling Job (Week 5)

“Katrina Jones is a Bitch!” That is what she said while staring right into my eyes. She is a salty little twat. Being that I am getting older, I wasn’t so sure what “salty” meant anymore as in “Don’t get all salty on me!” which I deciphered in the old sailor meaning of dirty talking, but actually it means having lots of (bad) attitude. So what did... read more »

Exona supercar designed by me

I'm self taught designer and 3d artist.I'd like to share with you my supercar concept which was featured on many carblogs around the world last year.It is my Exona supercar concept which was created on ferrari 458 italia wheel base.It wasn't my intention to create a ferrari look,but at the end I had italian design.I just let to my mind to create something creative without strings.Model was... read more »

My Crazy Friend – The Irish 3D Modeler (Week 4)

Last weekend was the craziest weekend ever.  On Saturday evening, I decided to stop by Joey’s - A popular hangout bar in my neighborhood. The idea was to meet up with a friend of mine Raymond, grab a few drinks, chat up some babes and then hit the club scene for the night.  After about an hour of waiting for my friend Raymond, he called saying that he and his girlfriend were... read more »

Farting 3D Model Job (Week 3)

Over the weekend, my best buddy and his wife had an emergency situation and so they called me to ask me if I could please help babysit their two sons Tom and Jerry - ages 2 and 4.  In return, they promised to commission a 3d model from me worth $300. So I thought it was quite a good deal and accepted. I said to myself  that a few hours of  baby sitting their two cute kids can... read more »

i am Jewelry 3D Cad Designer

For Jewelry Companies and Individual customers for mass  productions  and for website  multimedia  Jewelry graphic designs  or advertiser i make a  Jewelry 3D modeling  Unique collections pieces for be more easy and  more better and more fast to make your dreams come true  .I have been worked  in Jewelry Goldsmith job since 1991 as a designer and... read more »

Being A 3D Model Artist Sucks (Week 2)

Being a 3D model artist sucks. There I said it. I mean what other profession is out there that you can’t easily explain what you do to someone in one sentence and they get it. On Sunday night, I was at a friends barbecue woofing down a juicy hamburger when suddenly  somebody tapped me on my back saying guess who I found?   I turned around to see my cousin Beth. She had a big smile... read more »

The Story Of Jon Max - The 3D Artist (Week 1)

My name is Jon Max. I am a 3D Model Artist.  I have decided to document my life. One week at a time and share it with you. It is reality TV but on a blog. You will get the truth, no sugar coating of events instead raw and unedited. It’s my life baby!   Week 1. On Monday night, I met with Sally J on a blind date. My friend Tommy M. Parker hooked me up with her.  We met at a... read more »

Israeli Target Missiles

New to the collection are the Israeli Black, Blue and Silver Sparrow missile defense test targets. read more »

Pakistan Hatf Missiles

Just made available the complete series of Pakistani Hatf ballistic and cruise missiles. A search on "Hatf" will find the following missiles: - Hatf-I - Hatf-IB - Hatf-II Abdali - Hatf-III Ghaznavi - Hatf-IV Shaheen I - Hatf-V Ghauri I - Hatf-VI Shaheen II - Hatf-VII Babur - Hatf-VIII Ra'ad - Hatf-IX Nasr read more »

New 3D models

Just added to the 3D collection a Beach Pergola, India's Agni-II medium range ballistic missile and Iran's Khilij Fars anti-ship ballistic missile. These missiles are just a few of a huge collection of missiles and rockets we have available. read more »

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