Being A 3D Model Artist Sucks (Week 2)

Being A 3D Model Artist Sucks (Week 2)

Being a 3D model artist sucks. There I said it. I mean what other profession is out there that you can’t easily explain what you do to someone in one sentence and they get it. On Sunday night, I was at a friends barbecue woofing down a juicy hamburger when suddenly  somebody tapped me on my back saying guess who I found?

I turned around to see my cousin Beth. She had a big smile on her face clearly happy to see me. Right next to her was Angel a very beautiful girl with sexy hazel eyes.  Before I could respond with a nice to see you or something of that sort,  my host Kelvin jumped in and introduced himself to Angel.  He let her know it was his house, his barbecue, his food, his drinks and pretty much the rest of us were just free loaders taking advantage of his generosity.  Angel laughed and so I jumped back in not about to let Kelvin steal the show.

I said to Beth,  who is this superstar model you have here? referring to Angel of course.  To that, Angel giggled shyly and introduced herself. I then continued with my speaks, 5 minutes later with Beth and Angel laughing loudly about one of my jokes, and Kevin standing there feeling awkward, Angel ask me what I did for a living?  I told her I was a 3d artist. She said that her ex boyfriend had been an artist. He had spent all day drawing on his stupid easel and that was why she broke up with him. I said oh no I am a 3d model artist… you know… 3d modeler? She said yeah whatever. So you spend all your day drawing beautiful models eh? You fine artist type guys are self absorbed and not very cool.

I tried once more desperately to explain that I was not a fine artist but a 3d model artist and that I create sophisticated graphics on the computer and not draw female models… but before I could finish she cut me off once more saying that it sounds like I am passionate about my hobby but what was my real occupation anyway?

At that point Kelvin jumped in and said that he was an accountant and worked at Wells Fargo bank. He had been working there for the last 5 years and was on the verge of been promoted to branch manager soon. That was it for me.  From then on, no matter what I said Angel totally ignored me and did not even respond to my goodbyes when I was leaving.

On Tuesday, I decided to apply for a credit card to use for emergency situations like paying my rent, groceries, bills, etc 🙂  Anyway, after I completed my credit application at the Wells Fargo bank, the loan officer asked me to please indicate what I did for a living? I said that I was a 3d modeler. He drew down his lips and sort of frowned at me and said if I had any other sort of occupation that I did? I was taking aback by this. I reiterated to him that my occupation was that of a 3d model artist. He then said that he did not think that they would approve my credit application with such a lowly type occupation. That is when I almost lost my temper. I said that a 3d model artist is actually a high paying job highly desirable and sought after. He then pointed to my earnings section on the credit application form and said that waiters made more money than I did. Perhaps I should consider another occupation.

That did it. I stormed out from the bank and just as I was getting into my borrowed  ‘94 Honda Civic (my car was at the mechanics for a tune up). I saw Kelvin pulling up to the parking lot in his new BMW car. I was about to go over to tell him about how rude and insulting his staff had been to me when I noticed Angel in the front seat with those sexy eyes, laughing away at something Kelvin had said. That was all I needed to further dampen my day.

On Wednesday, my Mum called to let me know that my aunt Mrs. Paulette fondly known as Auntie P had suddenly passed away last night. She was crying and feeling very sad for the lost. I told her to take it easy that Auntie P was in a better place. She was a good woman and we would all miss her.  She asked me whether I could drive over to Riverside to pickup a wig that Aunty P had ordered before she died. I said to her what was the point? she was dead already perhaps we could get a refund from the shop as I could use the money. To that, she replied that this was a new low for me. Stealing from the dead now? She asked.

She said that instead of me going to get a real job, I continue to fool around on the computer drawing stupid images of deformed penises and the likes (she had seen on my computer the 3d models I created for Dr. Edwin Voigt last week). May the lord have mercy on my soul.

On Thursday, I drove to Riverside and got the refund for the wig for my deceased Aunty P.  My Mum later called me to ask about the wig and I told her that I decided to donate the money to the church. It was something that Aunty P would have liked. Actually, the money went to my steak diner at Bob’s Steak house around the corner from the wig store.

So right now, my Mum and I are not on speaking terms. She found out that I did not donate the funds to the church. Apparently, she asked Pastor O’Connor who of course did not backup my story.

On Saturday, my Aunty P is to be buried. Apparently, she was bald and so the wig was suppose to have been used to cover her bald head for the funeral. I was initially planning to attend but now that my Mum has told the rest of the family what I did with the wig and all, I am not so sure it is a good idea to attend. Besides I hate family gatherings as I always keep getting the same ole bastard rhetoric question of – are you still drawing those silly pictures on the computer….or do you have a real job now?

About Me: My name is Jon Max. I am a 3D Model Artist.  I have decided to document my life. One week at a time and share it with you. It is reality TV but on a blog. You will get the truth, no sugar coating of events instead raw and unedited. It’s my life baby!