DECALmachine 1.8 Available

DECALmachine 1.8 Available

Meet the updated DECALmachine from MACHIN3. The tool is a Blender addon, which through mesh Decals, helps with surface detailing in a very non-committal, non-destructive, UV-less way. Basically, it’s an alternative approach to hard surface texturing.


Please note that DECALmachine 1.8 works only with Blender 2.80.


  • quick and precise raycast-based Decal insertion
  • automatic material matching, parenting, normal transfer and collection creation
  • unlimited decal libraries + flexible asset loader layout
  • instant decal creation of all types
  • quickly adjust height, decal mesh or UV rotation and much more using the convenient modal adjust tool
  • enforce default settings scene-wide and change them quickly using the panel
  • use decals on flat surfaces and project them on curved surfaces
  • slice decal panel lines boolean-style
  • parallax adds convincing depth to normal mapped decals, now in real time utilizing Blender’s Eevee
  • retain sharp details at all scales, independent of texture resolution, via UV-less object based detailing
  • take advantage of decals being objects, by using modifiers like mirror
  • add Decals while editing groups in GroupPro
  • hide Decal materials (incl. in Batch Ops and Hard Ops) and textures
  • 108 Decals included

You can learn more and get the addon for free here.