Ghost Rider Sculpting in ZBrush

Ghost Rider Sculpting in ZBrush

André Yamaguchi gave a short talk on how he created his Ghost Rider character: bike, clothes, pose, materials.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider was the character I’ve always wanted to model because he rides a motorcycle. I particularly like bikes and I’ve always wanted to make a statuette like that, however, it was something too complex for me and I didn’t take courage to do it earlier.


The idea for the bike was to mix design elements of the movie and comics. The motorcycle in the movie has a polished chrome motor that looks like it has been melted, but I also wanted to give an impression was also burnt and not just chrome. Other details were based on motorcycles I saw in the comics.

The modeling technique applied to the fire was similar to that of the hair. First I made a blocking with the brush Clay Buildup, then applied details with the DamStandard brush.

For the bike, I first made a  low poly block and later started to apply the details. These parts were very simple to do. First, I worked with several separate elements to define the shapes, then joined everything with the merge option and later dynameshed.


The clothes are all sculpted. First, I do the primary forms in a neutral pose and then add the details of folding, stitching, and texture when I do the pose of the character.

For the folds, I look for many references for clothing with the right kind of material that I will sculpt. For the way the folds behave, I look for references in a book called Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery by Burne Hogarth.


For the pose, I usually make several drafts and try to make the elements of the piece convey movements. I try to bring attention to the character through the curves of these elements or get some rhythm as well. It’s a constant learning process.

Materials & Render Setup

The materials were done in Cinema 4D using Redshift. For the fire and the part of the metal, I basically used the same technique: I worked with 3 types of materials mixing them in one. I have a main material, one for cavities and another for more edge details. For the fire effect, I also put a lot of point of lights along the fire. Plus, I use an area light to illuminate the character.

André Yamaguchi, Digital Sculptor