How To Make A Game In Unity – Beginners Tutorial

How To Make A Game In Unity – Beginners Tutorial

Want to create an RPG game like Zelda, Skyrim or Final Fantasy? Well, now you can create using these Unity Tutorials. Welcome to the RPG Unity Tutorials for beginners where Jimmy Vegas will be building own RPG. You’ll take elements from many different RPG games out there, as well as create a few of our own ideas. If you are NEW to Unity, this is for you, if you want to learn how to use Unity, this is also for you.

Then let’s check the tutorial by Brackeys – How to make a Video Game in Unity – BASIC:

As a bonus, watch this Unity Level Design Tutorial with the Map Magic by Denis PahunovThis is a comprehensive tutorial about creating a vast (100km2) procedural island in Unity using the Map Magic tool.

You will need these plugins or 3rd party editors to achieve exactly the same results: – MapMagic plugin itself – AQUAS Lite water asset for Unity (costs $5 on Asset Store) – Image editor with the ability to save 16bpc .raw files (like Gimp or Photoshop)

Note: Floor Generator is not used anymore! The objects will be placed on terrain surface automatically by default.

If you need a 3D models for your games, you can find them here.

We hope this tutorial would help you in your GameDev path.