UNIGINE 2.8 released

UNIGINE 2.8 released

A new version of UNIGINE, a real-time engine that emphasizes features for engineering industries as well as entertainment, has been released with improved data streaming, cached shadows, a refactored editor and improved vegetation. Features in version 2.8 include: 

  • Redesigned asynchronous data streaming to reduce performance spikes.
  • Improved use of multiple CPU cores throughout the engine.
  • UnigineEditor’s transformation: standalone application, made faster, more stable and extensible after a major refactoring, with a number of improvements.
  • Cached shadows optimization: performance boost, more flexibility.
  • Refactored bit masks.
  • Better reflections with additive blending and occlusion clipping.
  • Interleaved rendering mode for lights.
  • Various vegetation improvements.
  • More informative Performance Profiler.
  • Major IG Template update: DIS support, more CIGI packets, multithreading and optimizations

Many more features are included in this version, you can read more about them in detail and see examples on the developer’s blog.

Three licensing options are available for UNIGINE, each with additional features depending on the industry. Perpetual Engineering licenses cost $9985, and sim licenses are available on request. Entertainment licenses cost $83 per month for rental (with a minimum period of 12 months, so effectively it’s $996 per year).