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London City Hall 3D model is a building in London that serves as the seat of the Greater London Administration.

The Council of Greater London, abolished in 1986, was located in the County Hall in Lambeth. By the time the new administration was created, the County Hall had already been turned into a hotel. The order for the design of the new object went to the firm "Foster and Partners", performed by Norman Foster and Ken Shatluort himself. The project was completed in 1998, the construction took about 5 years and cost 65 million pounds.

City Hall is the City Hall building, headquarters of the Greater London Administration. It is located in the very center of the city, on the south bank of the Thames near the Tower Bridge, and does not at all correspond to its bridge. Nevertheless, City Hall is one of the undoubted architectural attractions of the British capital.

The building, similar to a futuristic crystal egg, appeared here recently, in 2002. It was designed by a British architect, Baron Norman Foster, known for his unusual high-tech buildings. He built it here, in London, the Mary-Ex skyscraper, which the townspeople called "cucumber." A distinctive feature of the architect’s creativity is the desire to apply energy-saving technologies in their buildings, making projects “environmentally responsible”.

In the City Hall project, Foster remained true to his principles. He explains the egg-shaped shape of the building by necessity: the upper floors should be narrower so that the lower gets more light - this saves energy. In addition, the shape of the building reduces its surface area, and hence the loss of heat. There is no air conditioning in the City Hall at all: cooling in summer occurs with the help of icy groundwater from a special underground well. It is believed that the building consumes four times less energy than usual, but special measurements have shown that this is not entirely true.

Inside, along with the glass shell, a half-kilometer spiral staircase flows upward, through which you can climb to the London Living Room conference room and to the observation deck. The internal layout of the mayor's office is unusual: there are few permanent offices, but there are huge spaces separated by mobile partitions. About 600 people work here - this is the apparatus of the mayor, and the deputies of the assembly, and employees.

Despite the high technology used here, the building, apparently, is not without drawbacks: the workers in it complain of heat in the summer and cold in the winter. The appearance of the City Hall has become the subject of jokes of Londoners: the building is compared with the helmet of Darth Vader, then with a car headlight. Nevertheless, the mayor's office is quite in line with the architectural ensemble of today's London, in which buildings of past centuries are adjacent to skyscrapers.

The building is located in Southwark, near Tower Bridge. It has ten floors, its height is 45 m. The city hall is best known for its unusual curved shape, resembling a sliced ​​egg. In both of London’s mayors, Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson, she caused an association with the form of the sex gland. Foster explained the unusual appearance of the building with the desire to reduce its surface and thereby save energy consumption.

The whole City Hall is surrounded by a half-kilometer gallery. Upstairs is a platform for exhibitions and meetings, called the "London lounge." It is sometimes opened to the public.

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Published on: February 13, 2011