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Greek Column Doric 3D model.

Column is an important part of the ancient Roman Greek architecture. A Roman Greek column typically consists of three parts: column cap or column capital, column base and column body. Column bases even in Greek architecture are fairly simple and dominated by different round configurations, which is often called Doric base column. However, the caps have many varieties. In general, Roman Greek column capitals can be classified into simple doric style column, contemporary ionic style column and ornamental corinthian style column. Each category of column design yet has several variations. The Doric order was one of the three orders or organizational systems of ancient Greek or classical architecture; the other two canonical orders were the Ionic and the Corinthian. Download doric column 3D model.

The height of the Doric column is, according to Vitruvius, 14 modules (the lower radii of the column), and according to Vignola and later authors - 16 modules (this is closer to the Roman samples). The height of the base and capitals (before the girdle) - 1 module. Architrav has a height of 1 module, the frieze is 1.5 modules. As for the height of the cornice of unity, the authors do not have it; it can be 1.5 modules or less. The width of triglyphs is 1 module, metop - 1.5 modules.

Surface Type Polygon
Texture No
Animation No

Verts - 11798
Edges - 21888
Faces - 10112
Tris - 23552
UVs - 13362

High poly 3D model Greek Column Doric.

Greek Column 3D model.

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  • Vertices11798
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Published on: October 22, 2011