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Contemporary-Fountain-B 3D Model in 3ds max obj

A fountain is a stream of water or a source of spring that spouts or rise from an opening made through the mechanical structure. In most of the contemporary fountain’s reservoir or basin which helps in collecting the water and they are typically placed in the base.

The fountains have two bilge pumps also called a motor-driven pump, which is placed under the water. The contemporary fountains usually contain a filter box, similar to the one in the swimming pool, which helps in keeping out debris. The pump is connected to a solar panel or an electrical cable to supply power.

Originally, the main function of the fountain was to connect to the springs and to provide the water to the residents of the villages, cities, and towns for drinking, bathing, and washing. In addition to drinking water and other uses, fountains were used for the purpose of celebrating the builders and decoration.

The contemporary fountains or modern fountain uses digital technologies and lightings to make the fountain look more attractive. The modern fountains are typically installed in public parks, theme parks, squares, and other attractive locations. They are used for various purposes such as entertainment, events, honor individuals and other recreational activities.

The contemporary fountain-B 3D model is a high-quality 3D illustration of the modern fountain. You can use the fountain in your different 3D projects such as animation, virtual architectural projects, 3D virtual landscape design, and other projects related to 3D design.

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Published on: May 10, 2012