alien – 15 3D Model (obj ztl)

3D Model by saeedpeyda

Alien 3D model designed by masoud heydari decoratieh group.

This model producted by decoratieh group and designed by saeed peyda with 3dsmax / vray / ZBrush / keyshot and other programs for her.

The artist first mentioned that Santa lives at the North Pole and keeps a special book where he writes down the good and bad deeds of children. From Nast's drawings, one can trace the gradual transformation of Santa's appearance: from a fat elderly elf in a fur suit to a more realistic and cheerful character in a sheepskin coat. According to the History Channel TV channel, “Nast sketched Santa Claus off himself.” The artist was a plump man of small stature, with a large mustache and a wide beard.

It should be noted that the original Santa's coat in the drawings of Nast was brown, but almost immediately, in the process of the release of new drawings, he began to acquire a reddish tint. The red color of the coat of Santa does not carry any meaning, - notes the History Channel in his study "The Legends of Santa".

In 1931, Coca-Cola launched an advertising campaign to increase sales of soft drinks in the winter. However, she proposed a more modern look of Santa, designed by Haddon Sandblom. It is to this painter that the merit of creating the image of the charming Santa Claus, recognizable and very popular all over the world, belongs. His images were the most successful of those that were previously presented by many artists under the influence of the poem by Clement Clark Moore and drawings by Thomas Nast.

The suit of Santa in the interpretation of Sandblom was red, with a white edge of fur. But the priority in using such a combination of colors in the clothes of a fairy-tale character does not belong to Coca-Cola at all: much earlier, Santa, dressed in this way, appeared on several covers of the comic magazine Puck (1902, 1904 and 1905) and on posters advertising the White Rock Beverages company drinks (1915 and 1920s).

In various traditions, Santa Claus appears accompanied by other characters, good or evil. Thus, in the folklore of the Alpine region, the satellite and the opposite of St. Nicholas is the shaggy and horned Krampus, who punishes disobedient children and scares them.

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Published on: November 7, 2018
3D Artist: saeedpeyda