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What is Zbrush and what is it for?
Pixologic’s ZBrush is a powerful professional tool for creating and editing 3D graphics. In order to better prepare newcomers to work in the application, we have prepared an overview of the ZBrush program. First of all, the program is aimed at working with the so-called “digital clay”, from which you can literally sculpt objects with the help of various tools. There are practically no analogs to this approach in other packages for 3D modeling, although some applications (for example, Maya) offer special tools for sculpting.

Such digital modeling is ideal for creating people, animals, and in general all organic. Nevertheless, ZBrush can be used for solid-state 3D modeling and is equipped with special tools for this. A huge set of special brushes aimed at achieving maximum realism when creating 3D models, and the texture mapping and visualization tools complement the program’s functionality.

The 3D models created in this program are in demand primarily in the film and gaming industry, where detail and realism are extremely important. With its help, the characters and attributes of many famous computer games and films, including animated ones, were created.

ZBrush Program Overview
Our review of the ZBrush program will cover only the main functions of the application. Without going into details, we will superficially tell about the most important and interesting features of the program that distinguish it from other three-dimensional editors. So what makes ZBrush interesting? It differs significantly from other programs for 3D modeling, because besides the traditional work with three-dimensional graphics, the so-called pseudo-three-dimensionality is used here, or 2.5D. Due to this unique feature, ZBrush practically does not use the capabilities of a video card, which significantly affects the speed of work.