Antechamber 001 3D Model (3ds max jpeg jpg)

3D Model by Dawoo_Works

The Design of the interior. Models possible to use in any project, since they are made with real prototype from catalogue of furniture
The final effect is LS rendering.

An antechamber is also known as an anteroom or ante-room. It is a smaller room serving as an entryway into a larger one. The word Antechamber comes from the French word antichambre.

To begin with an antechamber provides a space for a host to prepare or conduct private business away from a larger party or congregation. Antechambers are mostly found in large buildings, homes, or mansions. They are also very common in palaces and crypts. In a theme park, an antechamber may be used to tell guests about a ride before they experience it.

This 3D model of Antechamber 001 is suitable either for high-end renderings and animations. This 3D model can be used in various areas. As stated in the specification page, this model is available in several file formats so that it can be used with any of the supporting rendering software.

In this model, you can see a high detailed 3 dimensional model of Antechamber. These models are used in animation, restaurants and VR / AR projects, etc. These models use filters to find rigged, animated, low-poly. This 3D Models of antechamber, available in: 3D Studio Max (.max), Vray (Materials & Settings).

We tried to keep the model as real as we could. You can visit our website if you are looking for such a model. Hopefully, you’ve found your piece here and we also appreciate your strong trust in us in the selection of 3D models. Come again here we are always here to help you.

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  • Polygons
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedNo
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  • TexturesNo
  • File-formats3D Studio (.3ds), 3D Studio Max file (.max), JPEG
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Published on: February 13, 2011