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3D Model by Behr_Bros.

Baseball Stadium 3D model on Flatpyramid.

Complete high detail baseball stadium, exterior and interior with tribunes, seats, displays, roof construction and advertisement-boards.

The most important part of the baseball stadium is the diamond, generally consisting of an internal ground field and an external field of grass; the space circumscribed by the bases is generally covered with grass. Some stadiums, like the Toronto Rogers Center, have peat among the bases; others, such as the Hanshin Kōshien Stadium in the prefecture of Hyōgo, Japan, have the inner field entirely made of earth.

In professional stadiums, beyond the external field, there is an area about 3 m (9.84 ft) wide called "warning track". This stems from the runway in Yankee Stadium in 1923 and over time has been added to all major league baseball stadiums. The warning track serves to alert the externals, as they look up to catch the ball, which are approaching the outer wall.

In addition to the warning track there is the fence or the outer wall, which mark the field boundary. Beyond the fence, in the professional fields, there is an area called the batter's eye.

In Major League Baseball, the stands near the inner field, called "grandstand", extend over several levels. The extent of these stands varies from stage to stage.

The stands positioned beyond the fence of the external field is generally different from the grandstand, although in some stadiums, especially those that are also used for events of different types, they have the grandstand around the whole field.

Max 6.0 Format:
Complete Arena has 1,322,014 Polygons.

Maya 8.0 Format:
Complete Arena has 1,322,497 Polygons.

Cinema 4D 9.6 Format:
Complete Arena has 1,322,497 Polygons.

Lwo 6.0 Format:
Complete Arena has 1,322,497 Polygons.

Obj Format:
Complete Arena has 1,322,497 Polygons.

3ds Format:
Complete Arena has 2,633,367 Polygons.

Previews rendered in XSI.

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Published on: April 21, 2011