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3D Model by Panaristi

Originally modelled in cinema4D. Detailed enough for close-up renders. The zip-file contains bodypaint textures and standard materials.

- Inside scene: -model - 25 textures and 3 bumpmaps
- All materials, bodypaint-textures and textures are included.
- No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.
- No special plugin needed to open scene.

- Phong shading interpolation / Smoothing - 35°

- NOTE - In lwo, obj, 3ds and fbx the 3 Bumpmaps (Grip_Bump, Stock_Bump and Receiver_UBump) must manually load in the Materialcanal.

- c4d Version R16
- Polygones - 103417 - Vertices - 87118 - 38 Objects - 25 textures - 3 Bumpmaps

- obj File - lwo file - 3ds file - fbx file Version 2010

The Special Operations Peculiar Modification (SOPMOD) kit is an accessory system for the M4A1 carbine used by USSOCOM. The kit allows special forces operators to configure their weapons to individual preferences and mission requirements.

The M4A1 SOPMOD is a derivative model based on M4 Carbine of the United States military . The M4A1 is a gas-operated, shoulder-fired weapon. It has a stock that can be extended or pushed in and 14.5 in (370 mm) barrel to make it easier for soldiers to use the weapon in confined spaces.

The M4 can be fired in two ways, either semi-automatic (which fires one bullet when the trigger is pulled) and three-round burst (which fires three bullets very quickly when the trigger is pulled). The M4A1 can fire fully automatic instead of three-round burst.The M4 can be fitted with many accessories, such as night vision devices, silencers, laser pointers, telescopic sights, bipods, a shotgun, and forward hand grips.

At FlatPyramid, we have developed a high resolution 3-D model of a Colt M4A1 Sopmod ACOG. This is a Realistic 3d model with Texture. Real-world scale and exact proportions.Detailed enough for close-up renders. The zip-file contains body paint textures and standard materials.No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering. No special plugin needed to open scene.

It is available in 3ds, max formats for commercial, non-commercial and editing purposes. The design can be used in any project. It is one of the most detailed models of a Colt M4A1 Sopmod ACOG that you will come across on the web. These models are used in difficult architectural visualizations, animations, movies or games.

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  • Vertices87118
  • Polygons103417
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedNo
  • MaterialsYes
  • RiggedNo
  • TexturesYes
  • File-formats3D Studio (.3ds), Cinema 4D (.c4d), Lightwave (.lwo, .lw, .lws), Wavefront (.obj)
  • NID28024
  • LicenseRoyalty Free
  • Copyright TransferredNo
  • ResellableNo
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Published on: January 2, 2012
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