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3D Model by Panaristi

Sturmpanzer1 Bison 5PzDiv  3D model - originally modeled in cinema4D 11. Detailed enough for close-up renders. The zip-file contains bodypaint textures and standard materials.

- Inside scene: -model - 22 materials
- All materials, bodypaint-textures, and textures are included.
- No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.
- No special plugin needed to open scene.

- Phong shading interpolation / Smoothing - 35°

- c4d R11 and R16
- Polygons - 587619 Vertices - 468742 - 241 Objects - 22 Materials

- obj File - lwo file - 3ds file

The 5th Panzer Division (German 5. Panzerdivision) - a compound of the Wehrmacht in World War II. The 5th Panzer Division was honored six times for its outstanding military successes on the Eastern Front.

The 5th Panzer Division was formed on November 24, 1938, in Opplene (Silesia), in the VIII Military District [1]. By the beginning of World War II, it was one of the Wehrmacht’s six tank divisions.

In the Polish campaign, the division was advancing to the south as part of the 8th Army Corps of the 14th Army. In the spring of 1940, the 5th Panzer Division became part of the Kleist tank group, with which France had passed. In the fall, the 15th Tank Regiment was selected from the division, on the basis of which they created the 11th Tank Division.

In the first half of 1941, the 5th Panzer Division participated in the seizure of the Balkans, then was in the reserve OKH. In the fall of 1941, a division consisting of the 4th Panzer Army was advancing on Moscow.

On November 25, 1941, units of the 11th and 5th Panzer Divisions forced the withdrawals of the cover of the 18th Infantry Division to the east bank of Istria, creating a difficult situation in its sector. German units forced a river here and broke into the division’s defensive line. Large forces of infantry and tanks of the 11th and 5th tank divisions north of Istria fought hard with the 18th rifle division.

In 1942-43, the 5th Panzer Division held defenses near Gzhatsk and Rzhev, then retreated from Orel to Kovel.

In June 1944, the division (125 tanks and self-propelled guns) was transferred by rail to Borisov and began to move to the line of the Beaver River. On June 28 she entered into a head-on battle with the 5th Guards Tank Army. Then she tried to unlock the 4th army, surrounded by the operation "Bagration" and suffered great losses. In the autumn she retreated to Lithuania, was evacuated from the Kurland boiler to East Prussia. The 5th Panzer Division surrendered to Soviet troops in April 1945, along with other units of the 2nd German Army.

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