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In this section we have collected 3d models related to military vehicles. If you are looking for a 3d model of a tank, helicopter, armored transport then there is everything you need.

You probably have repeatedly faced with the fact that the downloaded 3d model does not suit you by technical characteristics, then you again have to spend time searching for the desired model. On our site, this problem does not arise, because all models have a description and version of the 3d editor, as well as geometry. Choosing a model, you will know for sure that it will suit you. You can use these models for education or during game development.

Depending on their belonging to the type of armed forces or the kind of troops, military ground, naval, military airborne equipment, engineering troops, marine infantry, etc. are distinguished. Military equipment is also divided by its functional purpose, for example, rocket, artillery, armored, aviation, ship engineering, communication equipment, small arms.