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Detailed luxury hotel 3D model.

In 1995, the global hotel industry provided jobs for 11.3 million people. In terms of the number of people employed, based on one hotel room, Africa was leading (3.3: 1), followed by the Middle East (2.5: 1), in hotels in Asia and Oceania at that time 2.9 million people were employed - a quarter of the service staff of the global hotel industry. The share of Europe did not exceed 24%, and on average one worker had two numbers (1: 2.1).

In 1996, 40 countries of the world had a hotel fund in excess of 100 thousand beds in each. The average size of hotels is somewhat smaller in traditional tourist countries compared to those that only recently entered the market and declared themselves as new tourist destinations.

Single-family housing is one in which a single family occupies the building in its entirety, unlike the collective housing.

-obj (multiple selection sets for easy texturing).

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A Luxury Hotel is considered a hotel that provides luxurious accommodation. It has no set standards for luxury hotels. Four or five-star hotels are often described as ‘ luxury. ‘

A luxury hotel offers its guests these services a 24-hour fitness center with at least a range of basic equipment: a Stairmaster, a treadmill, a stationary bike, free weights, and floor mats.

Luxury is the level of service and comfort that makes you feel special when you traveling for business, being happy to be away from home comforts and allowing you to relax on vacation. It’s a bed that gives you the sleep of a great night, a meal that enjoys my taste buds, a service that makes you think Wow.

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Published on: February 13, 2011