Padrao 3D Model (3ds c4d)

3D Model by Souto

Portuguese monument Padrao 3D model

Padrao was established by Portuguese navigators during his research expeditions to develop new lands during the Great Geographical Discoveries as a sign of the transfer of this territory to Portugal. Leaving the land open for the expedition and leaving the established Padrao in the most prominent place, the researchers continued their journey, or, if this was the end point of the expedition, returned to their native shores, where they marked new geographical points on the common map. Thus, if a colony was not yet located on this place, and another state invaded this territory, the kingdom had reason to dispute this presence, reserving the right of the discoverer.

Another meaning was Padrao, set in a memorable place as a sign of friendship or a significant event. Padrao of this type did not outwardly differ from what was established by the navigator in the territories discovered by him, with the exception of the added inscription about a memorable event. An example is the padran set by Vasco da Gama in the city of Nazaré, in gratitude to the Virgin Mary for returning the expedition from India.

Many of the Padrans, established by the Portuguese in the 15th century on the shores of Africa, have survived to this day. Thus, in the 20th century, the Lisbon Geographical Society found three padranes set by Diogo Kahn and one by Bartolomeu Dias.

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Published on: December 19, 2012
3D Artist: Souto