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3D Model by labmatic

Highly detailed bow-bridge in Central Park.

Selection sets: carvings_left, carvings right, columns_left, columns right, left_railing, lower_bars_left, lower_bars_right, lower_walls_left, lower_walls_right, main_road, right_railing, upper_carvings_right, upper_carvings_left

The central park was built in the 1860s. As part of the park’s construction around 39 bridges were also built. No bridge is alike another one. There are mainly three types of bridges were built in the central park of New York. The bridges which were built across the sunken roads that were used to carry heavy traffic are known as transverse. They were made up of natural schist.

‘The ornamental bridges or archways’ were bigger and built on the greater landscape. They were made up of bricks, stones, and cast iron.

The last category ‘rustic’ bridges were made for creating smaller passages. They were made up of stones and logs.

Initially, only seven bridges and two tunnels were planned to build, but slowly and gradually the demand got increased for the bridges, hence today central park is comprised of 50 bridges. These bridges with beautiful landscapes increase the beauty of the park. Their traditional design implies the rich American culture.

Our team has taken a chance to bring you the historical design of these bridges at your home. Hence, to redefine this beautiful miniature design we came up with a 3D model of highly detailed Central Park Bridge with a detailed interior that is fully textured.

Our wide variety of formats and high-quality rendering enhances the model’s versatility and functioning for your designing purposes.

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Published on: February 13, 2011