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3D Model by 3DArtisan

Detailed 3D model of Statue-of-Liberty, New York City, plus all of Liberty Island and surrounding waterway.

Includes trees, island, parks, walkways, ocean surface Max version only. Representation of NYC in the distance is 2D.

The Statue of Liberty 3D model is a colossal neoclassical sculpture located in the United States on Liberty Island, located in Upper New York Bay about 3 kilometers south-west of the southern tip of Manhattan Island. It was built as a gift from the United States of France to the World Exhibition in 1876 and the centenary of American independence.

It is a national monument of the United States. Since 1984, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The statue represents a woman personifying freedom, dressed in a dress resembling a chiton; clothes cover the entire body of a woman, except for the head, hands and feet, with which she stands on broken chains. The head of a woman is crowned with a crown consisting of a base and seven rays; in her right hand, raised above her head, she holds a torch, in her left hand, bent at the elbow so that the brush is below shoulder level - a tablet (stone tablet) with an inscription consisting of English letters and Roman numerals, meaning "July 4, 1776 "- the date of adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. The seven rays on the crown of the statue symbolize the seven seas and seven continents.

The leg, arm, head, and clothing of the statue consist of thin sheets of copper minted in wooden forms and mounted on a steel frame. In the decoration of tongues of flame torch applied gold.

Statue of Liberty 3D model is on a granite pedestal, which, in turn, stands on a concrete base. Two square lintels of steel bars are embedded in the massive stonework of the pedestal; they are joined by steel anchor beams extending upwards to become part of the Eiffel (resembling the frame of the Eiffel Tower) frame of the statue itself. Thus, the statue and the pedestal are one. Inside the pedestal there is a museum dedicated to the history of the statue, on the top there is an observation deck. The museum and the observation platform of the pedestal can be climbed both by stairs and by elevator. To climb this observation deck, you need to overcome the 192 steps. The pedestal has a transparent ceiling through which you can, while inside the pedestal, see the inner steel frame. In the statue itself, at the base of the crown and on the torch (around the flames), there are also viewing platforms, which can only be reached by stairs. To get to the viewing platform at the base of the crown, you need to climb a spiral staircase of 356 steps. This platform is equipped with 25 windows, which offer a vast view of the New York harbor, and which symbolize the earth's precious stones and heavenly rays, illuminating the world. A 12.8 meter long staircase located inside the arm leads to the viewing platform on the torch.

Usually, the statue is open to the public. Visitors usually arrive on Freedom Island on ferries from the berths of the quarters of Battery Park City and Liberty State Park.

The territory of Liberty Island (Liberty) originally belonged to the state of New Jersey, was subsequently managed by New York, and is currently under federal control. Until 1956, the island was called “Bedlow Island”, although it was also called the “Island of Freedom” from the beginning of the 20th century.

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Published on: February 13, 2011