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The lymphatic system begins in the tissues of organs in the form of an extensive network of closed lymphatic capillaries that do not have valves, and their walls have a high permeability and ability to suck colloidal solutions and suspensions. Lymphatic capillaries pass into lymphatic vessels equipped with valves. Thanks to these valves, which prevent the backflow of lymph, it only flows towards the veins. Lymphatic vessels flow into the lymphatic thoracic duct, through which lymph flows from 3/4 of the body. The thoracic duct empties into the cranial vena cava or jugular vein. Lymph through the lymphatic vessels enters the right lymphatic trunk, which flows into the cranial vena cava.

The lymphatic system performs several functions:

protective function provides lymphoid tissue of the lymph nodes, which produces phagocytic cells, lymphocytes and antibodies. Before entering the lymph node, the lymphatic vessel is divided into small branches that pass into the sinuses of the node. From the node also depart small branches, which are combined again in one vessel;
the filtration function is also associated with lymph nodes, in which various foreign substances and bacteria are mechanically retained;
the transport function of the lymphatic system is that the main amount of fat that is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract enters the blood through this system;
the lymphatic system also performs a homeostatic function, maintaining the constancy of the composition and volume of interstitial fluid;
the lymphatic system performs a drainage function and removes excess tissue (interstitial) fluid in the organs.

High resolution, detailed, medically and anatomically accurate model of human lymphatic system with state of the art procedural textures (max version).
All organs in the lymphatic system have been depicted. This includes the following:

- Lymph vessels
- Spleen
- Cisterna Chyli
- Lymph nodes including:
- Axillary Lymph Nodes
- Buccal Lymph Nodes
- Cervical Lymph Nodes
- Cubital Lymph Nodes
- Lumbar Lymph Nodes
- Mesentric Lymph Nodes
- Popliteal Lymph Nodes
- Retroauricular Lymph Nodes
- Thoratic Lymph Nodes

model specification:

- Created in 3dsmax
- Very detailed, clean geometry
- Anatomicaly and medicaly correct
- You can easly control mesh smoothnes of every part by aplied modifiers.
- Geometry divided by elements (you can easlly change colors, materials)
- This scene is perfect solution for very high resolution renderings: 8000x8000 pixels render time is about 6 mins!
- Perfect solution for High Definition resolution medical visualisation, animation, commercial, etc. - 1 frame in Full HD render time is about 11 seconds!

This model is available for:

- 3dsMax 2014 (Render Ready)
- Cinema4D (materials)
- Maya 2014 (materials)
- Rhino (materials)
- Collada (materials)

multi file formats for various software:

- 3DS (materials)
- OBJ (materials)
- FBX (materials)
- DAE (materials)
- 3DM (materials)
- stereolithography (.stl)

By using this model in your project you are sure to please your client with a top class, accurate representation of the human lymphatic system.

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Thank you for your time.

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Published on: June 21, 2017