Collada (.dae)

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COLLADA is a format designed for sharing between 3D applications. Operated by the nonprofit Khronos Group.

COLLADA uses an open XML standard for exchanging formats that would otherwise be incompatible.

COLLADA was intended as an intermediate file transfer format. Implemented support for programs such as Maya (using ColladaMaya); 3ds Max (with ColladaMax); Poser (v.7.0); Lightwave 3D (version 9.5); Cinema 4D (MAXON); Softimage | XSI; Houdini; MeshLab; CityScape, CityEngine, SketchUp, Blender, modo and Strata 3D. Adobe Photoshop with version CS3. Game engines such as the Unreal engine, Unity and Torque 3D also support this format. The Assimp library also supports the COLLADA format.